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Organize your work office : the efficiency factor

Friday February 22nd, 2019, 9:15 AM

The organization of the work office : living place and efficiency

Today, we will discuss about the organization of a work desk. An article in which many will recognize and may finally find solutions to increase their productivity.

But before beginning, it's important to remember that, on average, a person loses 20 minutes a day looking for files or objects on their office. This time can be optimized, considering one puts a little effort!

Your office is not a tool like any other, it’s the place from which you will perform various tasks, necessary for your work, so take care of it!


Without realizing it, our personal efficiency is affected by the organization of our office. Indeed, the time spent searching for equipment and distraction are two factors that can cause you to lose productivity. We will therefore see, in stages, how to rectify this problem.

First step to optimizing your workspace : Get rid of unnecessary things, whether it's a pen that hasn't been used for years or a binder that "may be useful to you one day". Then, visualize an accessible perimeter all around you ; this is where you need to place the things that serve you most. Thus, the less you use the objects, the further away you will place them. A little tip, positon the fixed phone opposite your guiding hand (or the hand that uses the mouse), so you can avoid being bothered by the wire...


Step Two : Pay attention to the visual aspect of your room. Knowing that it has a direct impact on your emotional state and therefore your creativity, it’s better to position your furniture and equipment in such a way as to increase your performance. Here too, a tip that could be useful to you is to place your desk facing the front door, to optimize the time of exchange with your colleagues. It's all about strategy! The same applies to furniture, which must be chosen according to your needs. So prepare yourself with a comfortable chair, recent computer equipment and also plants, which can bring a touch of zen and eliminate stress in your office (as mentioned in our previous article).


Third and last step : Because office also rhymes with computer, you must organize it carefully. Like your workspace, it must be optimized, at your convenience and above all make your life easier. It doesn't take much time, but it will save you a lot of time.

All these small details can take you, depending on the scope of the work, a long day of setting up and tidying up, as well as a time of adaptation more or less far away. However, the benefits are not insignificant, so make sure you create a space that looks like you and allows you to be motivated when you need to be!

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