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The Pont-tunnel Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine is going to be partially closed for 4 years

Thursday November 22nd, 2018, 12:00 AM

Every day, hundreds of thousands of workers cross the Saint Laurent from South Shore areas to Montreal’s island. However, despite of this large influx, axes which allow to cross over aren’t numerous. More precisely, four bridges carry all the traffic: the Jacques Cartier Bridge, the Victoria Bridge, the Champlain Bridge and finally the Louis Hippolyte La Fontaine tunnel.

One of the most overcrowded axes of the agglomeration

The Champlain bridge will be replaced by the new Champlain Bride in the next few months, while Louis Hippolyte La Fontaine tunnel will be partially closed for the next four years. This closure is a very bad news for the 120 000 cars which travel that road every day! This explain why there is congestion 10 hours by day on this artery, and particularly during rush hours.

Partial closure of Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine Bridge

For the sustainability of the tunnel, renovations must be made even if it’s bad for the congestion. Among other things, remedial works includes: roadway reconstruction, upgrades of the electrical systems, lighting, ventilation, surveillance, communication and also fire protection system. In fact, the crossing will be more luminous, modern and safe. You have to keep patience during the next four years. Two traffic lanes should remain operational during the works. One of them will be restricted to public transports.

How can we deal with the Tunnel partial closure?

You have few options to deal with it. According to the municipality, carpool and public transport use is a good option to ease the congestion.

That being said, the Halte has the solution for those who don’t have time to waste in the traffic! A new coworking space will be available soon in Longueuil. This new space will allow you to work near your home with no need to cross the Saint Laurent.

Our offer allows you to use Montreal coworking space for meeting, at no extra cost!

Naturally, this option also works for the members of the Halte 24-7 Montreal.

In our space, you will find hotspot desks, dedicated desks or private offices. Conference rooms are also available in those studious and design spaces. There, you will meet a vibrante and various community.

Feel free to contact us:

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Sources: Journal de Montréal, transport.gouv.qc

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