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She already booked her private office at the Halte 24-7 Longueuil - Patricia Canales

Thursday November 29th, 2018, 12:00 AM

In a few weeks, a new coworking space will open on the South Shore of Montreal, in Longueuil. Some people showing a great interest for this new workplace are already booking there own space in it. That’s the case for Patricia Canalès, President of Solfish.

Why should you book your office in a coworking space ?

Patricia had heard about the Halte 24-7 from an acquaintance that shared with her the news of the opening of a new coworking space on the South Shore. Until now, she worked at home in Boucherville for Solfish.

Among the various workspace options, she chose to book a private office at the Halte 24-7. The first reason for a choice was to break the isolation stirred up by homeworking.

For Patricia, joining a coworking space would permit her to enlarge her network and so encounter new people with whom she could potentially collaborate in the future. That is one of our major objectives at the Halte 24-7 – giving an optimal workplace as comfortable as home to an entrepreneur community.

Before, it was not interesting for Patricia to rent a space in a coworking place in Montreal since she would have lost too much time in the traffic to join it every day. From now on, Patricia is having the best part of these two worlds. Not only she has her own private office at the Halte 24-7 Longueuil but also she has access to the Halte 24-7 Montreal thanks to her membership in Longueuil. Therefore she has a pied-à-terre on the island of Montreal when she has meetings there.

“I’m very satisfied with my choice” – Patricia

Benefits quickly noticed

Patricia was looking for a stimulant atmosphere that would permit her to encounter people and enlarge her network. Now that is a done deal ! Since a few weeks, she has been using freely the hotspot desks at the Halte 24-7 Montreal, waiting for her private office in Longueuil to be fully ready. In the course of networking activity she encountered the Folo company, specialised in social media strategy. Following this meeting, she started a 3 months digital marketing mission with Folo in order to improve the website of Solfish.

Like Patricia, it is the right time to discover our new coworking space in Longueuil!

For more information on this project and to discover our offers, feel free to contact us:

email : info.longueuil@halte24-7.com

Phone : 514-781-0545

About Solfish

Solfish is a company specialised in the importation of exotic products that are sold under the Soleil du Sud brand. The major part of their product comes from the South America seas, be they fish or other seafood. Patricia and her partners have their hearts set on preserving the ecosystem in which they are getting their products. Thereby, all the products they are proposing are coming from natural and fishing methods.

Solfish is also starting to specialize in the importation of frozen exotic fruits that are also coming from South America.

Their objective is to promote new savours while keeping the lowest ecological footprint and favouriting the development of the local economy.

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