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Tips for a greener coworking environment!

Tuesday February 21st, 2023, 2:30 PM

Let's continue to do small gestures for the environment, one step at a time!

More and more professionals are opting for digital solutions, such as electronic signatures or document scanning. These solutions are sustainable and take up less space in your office. Here are some optimizations to consider:


  • Prioritize scanning over printing
  • Print only what you need
  • Opt for black and white and print both sides
  • Reuse sheets as scrap paper or for notes.

Transport to work

  • Walk or bike if you live nearby!
  • Opt for public transportation.
  • Are you coming by car? Carpool with a colleague or a friend from the office, carpooling is more ecological and much more pleasant!

Waste Management

  • Bring your own containers and reusable coffee mug
  • Opt for zero waste lunches.
  • Sort and wash your recyclables. Just look at the number on the plastic; only #6 is not recyclable.

At Halte 24-7 Coworking, we ready implements several operations to reduce waste, such as the provision of dishes and reusable containers and the presence of many plants within its walls - and on the terrace in the summer. Its proximity to Mont-Royal Street also makes it possible to reduce one's carbon footprint by coming by metro, bus or bike!

Finally, we also encourage members to bring their zero-waste lunch on Mondays. If you prefer to pick up a take-out, we have reached out to several nearby local cafés or restaurants, allowing you to bring your own re-usable plates:

  • Le Moineau Masqué - 912 Marie-Anne Steet
  • Café Le Loup Bleu - 1279 Marie-Anne Street
  • Colombus Café - 1200 Mont-Royal Avenue E
  • Krapow (discount) - 1139a Mont-Royal Avenue E
  • Les Co'Pains d'abord (discount) - 418 Rachel Street E
  • Trip de Bouffe - 277 Mont-Royal Avenue E

And you, do you have any suggestions for eco-responsible actions to adopt on a daily basis?

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